Kids are a SPONGE….Whats Inside yours?

So part of the fun of what I do with MealFit is exposing my kids to a healthier way of life. Teaching them HOW to eat right, teaching them what is good and bad for us and why. Lastly, teaching them HOW to do things in the kitchen. Cooking and preparing your own food is a skill that will benefit kids the rest of their lives.

Think about it, when you go to someones house what is the event centered around……?

What are we going to eat?

I want to teach my kids how to read a recipe, what foods are fats, carbs, and proteins. If they know what foods are what then it is easier to teach them what is good and not good.

johnna teagen carter

For Example: Johnna (who you may have seen on some videos) is 5 years old. Currently I am teaching her the differences in Fats, Carbs and Protein. No, We don’t sit down at the table after dinner and drill her with Macro-nutrient Flash cards. (although, that may not be a bad idea for a school teacher)
We do however spend 3-4 min at a time when we see a new food at the grocery store and talk about what it is. Fat? Protein? Carb? If it is a carb then what kind of carb..? Good carb? Bad Carb?
They say a kids learns HALF of everything they will know by the time they are 5. That tells me I need to be filling them with stuff that will make them a healthy citizen for many years to come.

thomas and johnn in car

We also play games where we are driving in the car and I will say “What kind of food is a Avocado?” and she responds with “Fat” I praise her with a fist bump or “Great Job” and then I say

“What about a Steak?” “Protein”

Every now and then I throw in “What about a Doughnut?” She will say “Carbs” and I will respond with “What Kind of Carb” and if she takes her time she will say “Bad CARBS” I will then tell her how awesome she is and we will start a game of “I SPY”

Thomas and Teagen bed room

Folks, here is the deal….Fitness Starts in the kitchen, and the fact is, if kids are learning HOW to eat and WHAT to eat they are more likely to make wise decisions about an active lifestyle. They both go hand in hand
Education is as much of our problem in this country as anything. If we can educate our kids on all of the above we can hopefully shape a generation that is in better shape than the one we have now.

Family at easter


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