TITIN Vest: Help your Fitness ? or Hurt your Wallet?

If your go to Google and type in Weighted Vest, you will find 834,000 different entries. If you go to Amazon and type in weighted vest you get over 20 pages of entries of different types of workout vests. Besides the cost, what is the difference?

As I said above, there are hundreds of weighted vests on the market and many of them are good products.
This TITIN vest is different than all of the other ones in a number of ways. What TITIN has done is made this “vest” something that is easy to wear.
That has been the issue with many of the vests in the past. A lot of them are uncomfortable and not very functional. TITIN has made a shirt that has pockets to hold gel packs that you put in the shirt. The gel packs are soft and they fit in the shirt snug so they do not rub or move around when you workout.
The weight is also evenly distributed throughout the shirt from the arms to the front and back. This allows you to move normal.
Another good thing. It Weighs 8 lbs. Not 30 lbs or 40 lbs.
Studies have been done at major college football programs and the 8 lb weight is as close as you can get to mimicking the weight of a full set of football equipment. (thats cool)
It stresses you but still allows you to move with good technique. When you buy the shirt it comes with another compression shirt to go over the top. This is to keep the Gel packs in when you are doing things where you are inverted or close to being inverted (GHD Sit ups, HSPU, Muscle Ups ect..)
Personally I do not wear the extra shirt on top. I turn the shirt on inside out so the gel pack don’t fall out. TITIN makes a claim that you can heat up or cool/freeze the gel pack them put them in the shirt for recovery type stuff, but I have never done that and probably never will.

-Not easy to get on and off.
-Gel packs can fall out if you are doing something that is inverted and it is not on inside out or the extra compression shirt is not on.
– $250 Price tag.

-Amazingly Comfortable.
-Perfect weight for almost anything.. (Especially Football or CrossFit)
-Most functional vest on the market.
-Places the perfect amount of stress on your body.
-Easy to wash and dry.

Should you get one?
This is what you were really waiting to hear. Should I spend $250 bucks on this thing. If you are buying a weighted vest? YES. Don’t go out and buy another vest. Yes, I understand $250 is a lot. This thing is more comfortable than any other vest you will buy which will in turn make you want to wear it more.
Same reason LuLuLemon Shorts are $72… they feel amazing and they are the best.
If you are serious about training for CrossFit, Yes, get one. It adds a new element to just about every movement. If you have a child or know of someone that is into MMA, or Boxing or is a basketball, football, or hockey player then yes they will greatly benefit from having this vest in training in the off season.
You can go out and spend $100 -$150 on a cheaper vest. But, as the old say goes “Cheap Skate Pays the most” There is a reason its $250….its the best.


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