Book: Fitness Confidential, By Vinnie Tortorich

I was recently introduced into this super cool app on my phone called AUDIBLE.
It is a company that is owned by AMAZON that allows you to purchase audio books that are downloaded to your phone. You can listen to them as you are driving, working, working out, ect. I love it because I don’t always have time to sit down to read but I do have opportunities to listen to books when I am doing other things. Love this service. The books are cheaper than print books and you keep them as long as you keep your subscription to Audible.

So the main reason I am writing this is to tell you about this book I recently listened to. Fitness Confidential By Vinnie Tortorich. I came across this book as I was browsing one day. I read the reviews and purchased it. Vinnie is from Louisiana so I like listening to someone that at least has an accent that is similar to mine. Vinnie is known for being “America’s Angriest Trainer” and also the ‘Trainer to the Stars.”

The cool thing about this audio book is that Vinnie himself reads the book to you. He tears off on tangents and tells you more than actually is in the book, which is kind of cool. The book is somewhat of an autobiography of Vinnie and all that he has done throughout his career as a personal trainer. He chronicles pretty much his whole life from the time he was tortured by the nuns when he was in catholic school in Louisiana to the time when he got a big break with a Hollywood movie producer to training some of the world’s biggest movie stars all the way to his time battling cancer. Vinnie is very opinionated and feels very strong about some of the crooked people in the fitness industry. He walks you through how the typical Globo GYM tries to snooker people into buying memberships at their particular gym.

Vinnie spends a lot of time talking about his approach to nutrition. He is a big believer in No Sugar No Grains (#NSNG) as a way not only to lose weight but also a way to live. He does not believe in FAD diets he believes in Lifestyle. This is one of the reasons I enjoyed this book. Vinnie believes and takes the same approach to nutrition as I do as the owner of Cut the sugar and grains from your diet and your life will dramatically improve from a health standpoint. He also doesn’t believe you need a ton of equipment to get in great shape. Jump Rope is what he believes is one of the best and most affordable things you can buy for getting in shape.

This dude is no nonsense and it has proven to be successful for him along his 20 plus year career. He believes in Hard Work and building relationships with people. Good thought process to have if you ask me.

Should you buy this book to read or listen to? Yes. I recommend you trying the thing and listening to it. No negatives from me other than a little cussing. Get it…you will enjoy the read and learn a little bit along the way


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