Vacation WOD’s from MealFit

Vacation CrossFit Workouts

So, I went to the beach last week and I had to have something to workout  with because the condo gym was DONK!
I packed up a couple of things and took it with us so we could get some work done while on vacation.
Here is what I took

• Jump Rope
• Abmat
• Wall Ball

If you don’t have a wall ball ask your gym to see if you can borrow one. Worst thing they can say is NO.

Here are the workouts that I did while I was there.

Day 1
• Run14 min
• 100 Push ups
• Run 14 min
• 100 Sit ups

Day 2
• Wall Ball
• Lunge
REST 4 Min

10-100 yard Sprints with 30 seconds rest in between

Day 3
10 down to 1
• STRICT Hand Stand Push UPS
• RUN 100 yards
• 10 Push UPS
• Run 100 yards

Day 4
• Double Under’s
• Sit-Ups

Day 5
Run for 40 min
Run and Walk 60 min
Walk 75 min

Day 6
5 Rounds for time
• 48 Double Unders
• 24 Wall Ball
• 12 Hand Stand Push ups

Hope this helps. Someone is always asking me about “Vacation WODS”.
Next time someone does send them this link or send them my email.


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