How to CREATE a Great Day

I was listening to a podcast the other day and I heard this guy talk about how he has a daily ritual for the morning and when he sticks to it, he has a great day. As I listened, I noticed that it looks really similar to my daily routine. So here are 4 practical steps you can take in order to have your own chance at a great day.

1. Gratitude
Be grateful for the things that you have in your life. What kinds of things? Well, have you ever had the hot water go out at your house? You sure were grateful when it was working again, weren’t you?
What about a solid roof over your head that does not leak when it rains? How about the freedom to vote? Or the person lying next to you in bed? Or the child in the next room?
A sense of entitlement is rampant in this world, and the more often we stop and show some gratitude, the quicker we can change that mindset in ourselves. We have so much to be grateful for in the world; take a moment and give thanks for all the things you do have.

2. Exercise
You never feel bad 30 min after you get done exercising. You are ALWAYS glad you did it, even if it’s just 20 min of something. Get your blood pumping and move around. This will also control your carb/sugar cravings throughout the day.
I read a study one time that said when you consume sugar it has the same effect as exercising. SAY WHAT?! When you consume sugar, dopamine is released in your system, which gives you that very short-lived satisfied feeling. Endorphins are released in your brain due to exercise and mimic the same feeling.
So when you exercise it makes you want to eat better and not consume as much sugar. Don’t believe me? Try exercising in the morning for a few days and see. I promise you will eat better throughout the day.

3. Breakfast
Eating a great breakfast that has a balanced amount of protein and fat is one of the best ways to stay satisfied till lunch. Stay away from sugary pancakes and biscuits. They spike your sugar and make you feel like crap by about 10 am.
Drink 2 good glasses of water and have some eggs and bacon. Yes, that’s right, I said bacon.

4. YOU
Write down something you are going to do for YOU today:
• Schedule a massage.
• Make a dinner reservation.
• Sit down with a cup of coffee and watch some TV.
• Go for a walk with no cell phone.
• Eat lunch at your favorite spot.
• Wear something nice to work.
What ever it is that you like to do, treat yourself once a week and do it.

These are all things you can do to get you in the right frame of mind in order to tackle the day. In order to get this stuff done, you are going to have to wake up early.
Get up. It is totally worth it. The morning is the best part of the day.
The Fear of Failure is still asleep at 5:00 am. Attack the day folks.


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