Essentials for your MealFit Kitchen

I get asked a lot about  what kind of pan I use or what kind of crock pot, and various other things.  I know some of you out there have all you need but you always like to hear about what other people are using.


Then there are some of you that are just starting and need some guidance on what to get in the kitchen if you are just starting on your MealFit venture or cooking venture at all.

So we did a video to hopefully help out both camps of people.

Hope this helps.


Please send me some feedback of an item you think I would love. I love new things that could make my life easier. Be sure to send a link if you make suggestions.

BTW: all the links for all the items are here and in the description below.




Knife – Cutco

Measuring Cup – Pampered Chef

Crock Pot

Pyrex Dish (Baking Dish)

Mixing Bowls


Tongs – oxox

Skillet – Scan Pan

Cutting board

Can Opener – oxox

Baking sheet

Food Processor – NINJA

Hope this helps. Palce any and all comments below.


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