Hitchhiking Lessons

A guy named Bob Goff tells the story of when he was hitchhiking back in the 80’s from San Diego to San Francisco. He says that when you are hitchhiking you never tell the person where YOU are going. You always ask the driver, “Where are you headed”
This gives you time to make sure the driver is not crazy. Well, Bob had been at a standstill for some time and was getting anxious about moving forward. Bob has his thumb out and was heading north and a white windowless van stops and Bob who is so jacked just to have a ride forgets to ask the all important question of “Where are you headed” so he has the buffer to check out the driver.

Instead, he just hops right in and looks up and sees a man with a nasty beard and smells of an odor that would make your toes curl. He looks on the dash board and sees rose petals and a framed picture of feet. Yes FEET, that is not a typo.

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Giving the guy the benefit of the doubt he tries to strike up a conversation and asks the question he should have asked before he got in the car.

“Where you headed?”…………….Nothing.

Even though Bob is totally freaked out he tries to play it cool and decides he is going to flip the script.

“So…where you coming from”………Crickets

A little bit passes and the stinky nasty bearded driver slowly looks at Bob and ask him. “Do you really want to know who I am?”

Trying to keep the mood light hearted Bob pops off with a “Sure” in as positive a tone as he can.

The creepy man looks at Bob and says…..”I am Satan”

Bob strikes back with “Oh”

He calmly asks “Satan” to stop the car and let him out. “Satan” keeps driving.

He then goes on with a more firm tone and asks again and the man otherwise known as the prince of darkness lets him out.

Relieved, Bob got out of the car and learned a valuable lesson.
Other than the obvious hitchhiking lesson of asking the driver “Where are you headed”

He goes on to say that he learned a lot from hitchhiking that day. He learned that even though he needed a ride somewhere, he still had a-lot of power over who to hitch a ride with, and that is the way life is.

You become who you hang around with and to some degree you end up going wherever they’re headed.
When there is someone behind the steering wheel, it needs to be someone you trust because you have given a great deal of your life to them.

We have to get the toxic people put of out life and get around positive people that are headed in the direction we are wanting to go.

Moral of the story….always make sure you ask the all important question ” Where are you headed” before you start to do life with someone.

Hope you enjoy this video


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