Monday Motivation 12/15/14

This is the time of year where people lose most of their progress they have made throughout the year with their diet and exercise goals.

I want to encourage you to stay the course and keep striving towards those goals you have.

If you don’t have any goals…..get some.

1. Make sure your goal is measurable
Meaning, you can see the actual results. (Example: Lose 20lbs, get into a size 32 waist or size 6 dress, or run a 8:00 min mile) (Not “Get in shape” you cannot measure that)

2. WRITE IT DOWN. make sure your goals are written down. When you have taken time to write something down it has more meaning and you can always refer to it.

3. Make it a priority. Yes….You do have time. The truth is you MAKE time for what you want to do. Make time to get out there and work hard for the dreams you have in mind.

4 BE PATIENT. It did not take you 3 weeks to get in the shape you are in now. It will take you more than 3 weeks to get in the shape you want to be.

Get out there and fight to get what you want.

Watch this before you go out and tear it up today.


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