What’s your WHY?

Years ago there was a book written by Rick Warren called “Purpose Driven Life” This book went on to sell millions upon millions of copies in numerous languages.


In a world that seems to be turning farther and farther from GOD, a book that is centered on GOD is still one of the most popular books on the market today.


I will answer that in a second, but first let me talk about something. This world has convinced us that money and success are the ultimate goal and that we must have an enormous amount of both in order to be somebody.

But the fact is there are a lot of people out there who have tons of both success and money but are miserable. I spoke to a friend of mine the other day who has a relative that founded one of the most well known companies in the United States. If I told you the name you would know it immediately. After 2-3 minutes into the conversation the person stated how they were rich and miserable.

I think it all gets back to 2 things. The 1st is a relationship with Jesus Christ and the 2nd is PURPOSE, which relates to the 1st. I will address the relationship with Jesus in another post. For now, we will focus on our purpose.

What is your purpose? Without Purpose the desire to get up and daily do the things that must be done are meaningless.

Everyone must have a reason they do the things they do. Yes, the desire for money and success will fill that hole you have in your heart for a short period of time. But once you achieve it, what is next?

Once you have that success and money what are you going to do with it? What can you do daily to make this world a better place for others?

So getting back to the question I started with. Why is one of the most popular books in the history of the written word about PURPOSE?

Your soul inside of you is screaming for you to answer your true calling, and sometimes it is not always the thing that will make you the most money.

You can change but only if you define what success is to you.

The 2 most important days of a persons life are the day they are born and the day they figure out why.

You have already lived the 1st one…..What is your 2nd?…..What is YOUR WHY?

Comment below and tell me your WHY.


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