3 Tips for Eating WISELY at Restaurants

So I get asked all the time about eating out at restaurants.
People say “It’s so hard to eat healthy when you go out”

Or “I travel a lot and I have to eat out all the time”

So lets look at some ways we can still eat good at just about any of your favorite eateries.

1. Don’t order appetizers.
This in my opinion is one of the craziest things we do as a society. I get it, eating out a lot of times is an event, a time to socialize and have fun and enjoy each other. But why do we need to get warmed up to eat. In essence that’s what it is. It’s a warm up for the meal. Most restaurants these days serve portions that are entirely to large for the average person anyway. Avoid this traditional “Stretch” before that main event starts. You are just adding to excess you are about to consume.


2. Never DRINK Calories
I am not a calorie counter at all. But my point is that the calories in drinks are all sugar.
Coke, sweet tea, fruit juice… all Sugar, and sugar is what we want to avoid. When we avoid the sugar our meal we are avoiding the insulin spike. When we avoid the insulin spike it keeps us from being as hungry later. Bottom line….avoid the sugary drinks.

sugary drinks

3. Know that YOU are in charge
About 6 months ago I was in Nashville visiting someone in the hospital and I wanted some breakfast that was not some type of bread. I was on a time crunch and “Panera Bread” was the closest place so I went in and this is what I saw.
panera bread pic

An oasis of glycemic hell. Nothing but an overkill of scones and pastries stacked on top of each other with a price tag that would cause Bill Gates to hesitate. So I looked at the menu and saw where they had croissants with eggs and bacon, so I knew there was some protein and fat in the building somewhere.

So I asked the cashier for 3 eggs, 2 sides of bacon and a Avocado. She looked at me like I had just stepped off of a spaceship with E.T. She poked around on the key pad as the line behind me kept growing. She finally called over the manager and she figured out how to charge me and then went to the back to tell the cook what I wanted. There is no doubt, I over paid but $2 extra is worth me not feeling like a sluggish goon the rest of the day.
My point in all of that is to say. YOU ARE IN CHARGE. If it is on the menu in any way you can order by itself. Part of the reason restaurants are in business is to SERVE you. They are (in most cases) going to bend over backwards to make sure you are happy. Order what you want. Just because it’s not on the menu exactly like you want doesn’t mean they can’t make it happen. Depending on how nice the people you are dealing with it could be more or less expensive. All depends on the person. If you want chicken and some kind of green vegetable, order it. They are there to serve you.

These are just some of the things you can do to make your trip to your favorite restaurant a better and healthier experience.

Got any tips?

Leave them in the comment box below.


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