What will happen if you stop eating SUGAR?

If you follow me on social media, then you know I started a Ketogeinc diet about 5 weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know, it is a HIGH fat medium protein and low carb lifestyle. About 2 weeks into it, 2 real good friends of min started asking about it. They ask me to sit down with them and talk about the details of KETO and how to go about doing it. So, I did and about a week later they started. 4 days into it, one of them called me in absolute misery. “I’ve got a headache, I don’t have any energy, my workouts have been awful” “Why am I a feeling like this?”

I simply said “SUGAR”


Sugar is one of the most addictive substances known to man and one of the worst for your health. But, when you quit the benefits will outweigh the “deprivation.”

I know there is sugar in fruit. Even in that, I think we need to limit our high sugar fruit intake. The one thing we need to totally give up is processed white sugar found in almost everything you find on your grocery store shelf from things like pasta sauce and bread to candies and cookies. We have been trained to desire sugary things, flavorings, and additives in our everyday lives. Upon stopping, you will notice many benefits that you will enjoy!

1. Your energy levels will improve
Yes, that’s right without sugar you will have more energy despite contrary belief. Most of us have a tendency to reach for sugary sodas, energy drinks, and sugar filled items when we get the afternoon slump, but they may be the very reason behind our lack of energy. All the excess sugar is blocking your body’s ability to keep our energy stores at maximum levels. You will not have an up and down, so those afternoon slumps will be a thing of the past. When you eliminate the sugar from your diet you will then be able to use Fat as your energy source.

2. You will sleep better
Sugar gives you a blood sugar hit and drop, which can disturb your sleep. People who cut out sugar will be surprised to find their sleep habits getting better. Insomnia will be a thing of that past!

3. You will look younger
Sugar affects elastin and collagen, the two main skin proteins; it triggers a process known as glycation where sugar binds to protein fibers. This causes the proteins to mutate, creating harmful new molecules advanced glycation end products that accumulate and cause even more damage.

sugar in coke

4. Your weight will naturally stabilize

Sugar, of course, makes you crave an abundance of sugar. Most sugar is found in high-carb/high-fat foods that have been overly processed and are essentially not even food anymore. Upon giving up sugar you will end up losing weight, you will not have all those extra calories and fat to deal with and you will no longer see the scale fluctuate drastically anymore!

5. You Colon will thank you!

If your colon could tell you what it thought of your western sugar filled diet, we would all need censors! When you remove excess sugar, you will enable your tummy and bowels to reset the ability to process what you have eaten. You will find yourself going to the bathroom more often, this is a great thing. Your body is regulating! One other thing I have noticed since eliminating sugar is that I do not have gas anymore. Everyone is glad for that one.

6. Your body will learn to become full faster

Fructose suppressed the feel full hormone leptin, upon cutting it out, your body will regulate and go back to its appetite maintenance mode.



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