TOP 4 must read books

Do your daily reading habits center around tweets, Facebook updates, or the directions on your kids frozen sausage and biscuit? If you’re one of countless people who don’t make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out: reading has a significant number of benefits such as mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge, memory improvement, and we could go on and on.

As a kid I was not a big reader at all. It was not stressed at my house and I was not made to read and retain while I was in school. Thus why I had to take 2 remedial reading classes upon entering college.

It was not until college until I really started actually reading for fun or reading because I was not required. Believe it or not I started reading financial books simply because I wanted to be rich. From there I progressed in to spiritual books then to self-help books and pretty much anything that was interesting to me.

Along this journey I found that I love reading things that make me better. I am not a huge fiction fan but I have read some from time to time.

Here I have outlined my top 4 favorite books of all time.
These are books that I loved reading and have read multiple times.

#4 Bringing Down the House


This is the book that inspired the movie 21. Great movie…even better book. Its the story of these MIT students who would fly to vegas on the weekends and count cards playing black jack. The story chronicles them making tons of money and having the time of their life. The book and the movie are similar other than the fact that the books gives more details and tells the whole story. This book made you laugh out loud one minute while making you sit up in your seat with anticipation on the next minute. Great Read.

#3 Love Survivor
lone survivor

Back when I was coaching college football I would go into high schools and create these great relationships with these high school coaches. We would talk about everything. The ones that were big readers I would walk in the door and say “What are you reading coach?”
One day one of the coaches said, “Thomas, go home and order this book, this is the most amazing story of survival I have ever read. You have to force your self to put it down.”
He was right. I read this about 3 years before it came out in the movies. It has been passed to about 5-6 different of my friends and they all said the same thing. Most exciting book I have ever read.

#2 Circle Maker

circle maker
I heard this author, Mark Batterson speak and he was good, but thats it, just good. Someone recommended the book to me and I decided I would give it a shot. Here is why it is so good. Batterson does and amazing job of intertwining old history with practical biblical teaching while at the same time giving you some of the most amazing illustrations I have ever heard. If you read this book it will make you want to be a better prayer.

#1 Travelers Gift

traveleres gift
Same situation as in Lone Survivor. Coaching buddy of mine says that this book called The Travelers Gift will be the best book you will ever read. I said “I don’t even read fiction books, they are a wast of time. Andy Andrews is one of the most amazing writers / speakers around today. In this book Andy take a suicidal family man on a journey of a lifetime. In the midst of attempting suicide he visits some of the wisest and most influential human beings on the planet…Read this at least 2x maybe 3.

Pick up any of these and you will not be sorry

In the comments section….

Please tell me your Favorite book! I am always looking for something good to read.


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