How getting spit on made me better.

When I was in middle school I was on the football team. I was one of the smallest guys on the team. For those of you that know me now that did not know me then you may find that hard believe.

I was also one of the weakest guys on the team. Back then we had to bench press 75 lbs as apart of tryouts. I did ZERO and got made fun of pretty bad.

One day before the season started, the coach loaded all the players on the bus and took us to the hospital to get free physicals. It was required if you wanted to play. As we were getting ready to fill out paperwork they gave us a survey. On the survey there was this question:


“What do you think the percentages are of you going to college on an athletic scholarship?”



All of the kids looked at me and said “Thomas you need to just put ZERO, you’ll never play anything in college”

Fast forward 6 months:

We were on the bus and had just won a big game. We were all celebrating in the back, and all the bigger older kids decided I was the one everyone they wanted to make fun of. So, for ½ the ride home the guys proceeded to kick, hit and spit on me. It was probably the most demoralizing and humiliating thing of my life.

Why do I tell you all of that?

I really believe that if I had not had those trials in my life I would not be who I am today. Their ridicule fueled me to want to be better, to want to prove them wrong. So I worked hard and did all I could do to make myself better.

I had great parents who were there for me when I was down but they did not baby me, or go talk to the coach, or be a helicopter parent like we see today. They encouraged me and helped me stay positive and encouraged me to work even harder to be better. Looking back I am not totally sure they thought I could do it, but they made me think I could.

Fast forward 2 years. (9th Grade)

Still being picked on, still being made fun of. I even had a coach poke fun of me from time to time. I still worked daily to prove them wrong.

Fast forward 14 months. (10th grade)

I am standing behind center playing quarterback against the # 1 team in the state in the semi-finals of the largest classification in the state of Alabama. Leading the team with a lot of the same people that made fun of me.

Fast forward 2 years. (12th Grade)

I am the only guy from that middle school team that went on to my high school to sign a Division I athletic full scholarship.

I proved them wrong.

I say all that to encourage someone out there who has a “Naysayer” in their ear telling them they can’t do something, or telling them they are not “good enough”

Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you are not good enough, or that you can’t do something.

Are you an adult working at a job you really don’t like? All because someone discouraged you to go after something you really loved. Go after what you want. You will never “find” the time to make your dreams come true. You must “make” the time to succeed at your dreams.

Do you have a child that is being made fun of or bullied at school?

Let them read this and hopefully this may encourage them.

QUESTION: Tell me a situation where you have proved someone wrong?



Tell me a Situation where you want to prove someone wrong.

Love to hear your story.





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