Give Me 2 Minutes & I Promise, Tomorrow will be Great

Thoughts are identical with viruses

A virus, finds a small opening in a host. It goes in and replicates itself and takes over the host. After that it goes on to try to find another small opening in another host.

Our thoughts are the same way. Studies have shown that we mimic people. We mimic them to the degree that just like the virus, their thoughts come into us and take over. This is true on both ends of the spectrum. What we receive from others is important. We also need to think about the thoughts we are giving others and how they are important as well. We must understand that our words are powerful.

Whitney Houston was a famous singer and a year or so ago she over dosed on drugs in a bath tub. Whitney Houston’s Daughter makes a public statement about 3 months ago. She said, “I am my mother” she then overdoses on drugs in a bathtub.

Be careful with what you say, what you observe, what you listen to. Even if you don’t think so, all of those things have a powerful impact on our lives.


Chris Farley was one of the funniest people in the history of Saturday Night Live. In his early years he use to say he idolized John Belushi. He told cast members almost daily “I am going to be just like him”

John Belushi died of a cocaine overdose in his hotel room at 33 years old.

Later on, Chris Farley died of a cocaine overdose in his hotel room at 33 years old.

Our words are powerful.

What if we went around today an said “I am not looking for blessings in my life, I am going to look to bless someone today”

What if you did that and someone mimicked you?

The story is told of a kid walking into school after summer break with a totally bald head and the teacher asking him what happened to his hair.

The kid replied that he was diagnosed with cancer and had to start treatments this summer and the treatments made him lose his hair.

The teacher did not want the other kids to laugh so she held his hand as they walked into the class.

The next day she met him in the hallway to walk him into the classroom and her head was totally shaved bald.
The next morning she goes to meet him outside and walks him in again. As she walks in the room and looks out over the class she sees every kid in the room with a shaved head.

What if people were mimicng you? What if people were doing exactly what you are doing? Looking at everything you do and say. Would your home, your job and the world be a better place?

No matter who you are, people are watching you. Say to yourself when you get up in the morning,

“I’m not looking to get a blessing, I am looking to be a blessing today.”

QUESTION: How can you go be a blessing to someone today? Give me one way you can bless someone today.

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This article was inspired by a story Dr. Kevin Elko told.


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