2 Habits that will change a parents and kids life

My wife is an amazing woman. She was a 2 sport college athlete (Volleyball and Basketball) First person in here family to graduate from college. She competed in the CrossFit Games after birthing two amazing kids. She is the head volleyball coach at the third largest high school in the state of Tennessee where she is also a physics teacher. Whew!

At cf completion

One of the things she is passionate about is the raising of our 2 kids Johnna(6) and Teagen(3). My wife is not a reader, but when she does read it is usually about 1 of 2 things.

  • Her relationship with Jesus
  • How to better raise our kids.

She is constantly evaluating how we are doing things as parents and how we can better raise them to be better citizens and world changers.  Needless to say she has been the catalyst for most of the methods we use to raise our kids.

Teagen ninja turtle

Here are 2 things that have mad a major difference in how we do things with out kids.

  • Couch time


Couch time is an uninterrupted time with you and your spouse (10-15 minutes) at the end of your day (or whenever really) to sit down and just talk. No TV, phone, etc.   Just sit and talk to your spouse.


If you have kids the rule is that the kids must be present in the room to witness the couch time taking place but they are not allowed to interrupt. They should be playing but no media at this time. It’s important for kids to see that the relationship between Mom and Dad is important and that you take time for each other.


When you first start couch time explain it to your kid(s). Tell them that each day you will be spending special time with Daddy or Mommy and that during that time they are not interrupt you. In the beginning you may have to start out with 5 minutes until your child begins to understand. It may also help to give your child something to do in the room that you know he/she will like so it keeps them from interrupting.


You will be amazed at how this one activity can help your child feel secure and stable and help them stay in the bed at night. It will also help with behavior issues as well. Not enough is said nowadays about the importance of letting your kids see that Mommy and Daddy come first and that the parents relationship is fundamentally sound.


  • Time together


This is individual time that each parent spends with each of his or her children. So in our household Daddy goes with sister while Mommy goes with brother and then we switch. Let your child choose what activity to do as long as it’s not media. Some of the choices we have are “hide the ninja turtles”, “tackle game”, “grumpy ole troll”, reading books, superheroes, art time, etc. Our kids love this so much that every night they say, “It’s time together”. Each child needs individual time with Mom and Dad.


Implementing both of these may not be easy but I promise if you and your spouse get into a routine and make this a priority, you will see a positive difference in your child’s behavior.


QUESTION: What is one tactic that you use at your home that helps with keeping the peace at your home?



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