Why you should try the Ketogenic Diet

The thought process of the Ketogenic Diet is this: as a society, we are all sugar burners. Every one of us uses sugar as our fuel. With the Ketogenic Diet, your body tries to use fat as its energy source as opposed to sugar. This process is a little bit harder than people think. In the Ketogenic Diet, your body is burning what they call “ketones” for energy. Your body is going to use whatever sugar is readily available inside of it as energy first. After that energy is used, it will then go to fat storage.


Now, here’s the problem with burning sugar for fuel: your body can only hold about 2,000 kilo calories of energy of sugar. Then you have to “refuel.” So, what are you constantly doing? You’re constantly refueling your body. Your body can hold about 40,000 kilo calories of energy from fat—so what does that tell us? It tells us that we need to be using fat as our energy source. That’s why the Ketogenic Diet has been very, very good for distance runners and endurance athletes; they can go longer without having to eat or consume things. The reason you have to consume so much nutrition during a marathon is because your body is burning through sugar like a furnace. And that’s why companies have made millions of dollars selling you sugar in gel form from a pack—because all they’re doing is giving you sugar for the next 30 to 45 minutes so you can keep going.


With the Ketogenic Diet, you are burning ketones as your energy source as opposed to burning sugar.


What the heck is the Ketogenic Diet and Why Should I Try It?


When you start talking about the Ketogenic Diet and you start to explain the process of it, many people believe it is the old school Atkins Diet. A lot of us remember the Atkins Diet because when it came, people were suddenly told they could eat bacon, it was okay to eat meat, and were given the okay to consume other formerly maligned food.

But this isn’t that. Let’s do a little background. Back in the ’70’s, the McGovern Report came out, in which the government proceeded to tell us that we needed about nine servings of grains a day and that fat was super bad for us. They believed that fat clogged our arteries, created heart disease, obesity, and other detrimental effects. But it just so happens that a few decades after that report came out, the obesity rate in our country has skyrocketed. The heart disease rate in our country has grown as well.

foodpyramid old


So after warning people and telling them to consume less fat, it’s still skyrocketing. What does that mean? It means that fat is not the culprit of all of these different things. The culprit in our lives is sugar and grains. They’re both considered carbs. People think that just because it’s whole grain, it’s good for you. Whole grains are still spiking our insulin, and that’s what this thing gets down to. When you really want to break it down, part of the reason we are obese is because of the release of insulin in our bodies on a constant, daily basis.


So, what does the Ketogenic Diet do? Part of the Ketogenic Diet’s goal is to help us regulate our blood sugar. If you’re looking at a chart and the line plotted on it looks like a roller coaster, that’s what your blood sugar does on a typical American diet. What the Ketogenic Diet’s hopes are is that it will regulate your blood sugar, instead of spiking and having hills and valleys, throughout the day. The way to achieve this is through a high-fat diet. Now, consuming a high-fat diet is like convincing a beautiful woman to buy makeup called Ugly; it’s super hard, because we’ve been brainwashed over the last 20 or 30 years to believe that fat is bad. If I consume fat, I will in turn be fat. But that is not the case at all.


before and after KETO



Of course, consuming excess fat and large amounts of proteins will make you obese, no question about it. But our hope with the Ketogenic Diet is that it will regulate blood sugar. One of the unique things about the Ketogenic Diet is that it 70-80% of your calories throughout your day should come from fat, 5% of your calories should come from carbs, and the rest should come from protein. Now, I experimented with this Ketogenic Diet a couple of years ago and I messed up. The reason I messed up is I consumed as much protein as I wanted.



Going on the Ketogenic Diet


Let’s talk about the thought process of the Ketogenic Diet. The process is: high fat, medium protein, low carb. That’s it. You will screw this up if you go high fat, high protein, low carb, because when you consume excess amounts of protein, your body will turn that protein into glycogen. It’s a process called glycogenesis. This happens because your body can only process so much protein, and what it cannot process will be turned into glucose. Your body is turning this excess protein into glucose is just like the effects of eating carbs. That’s why you have to have your protein intake at a medium-range level.


The Ketogenic Diet is something you should try because all the disease in our body go back to inflammation: swelling of the lining of the heart, swelling of the knees, joints, etc—all go back to inflammation. And we are finding out, through study after study after study, that all inflammation comes from the ingestion of sugar, whether that be a Snickers bar, a piece of wheat bread, a piece of white bread, or corn. Sugar is the fuel that gets inflammation going. So when we eliminate that, we will have less inflammation in our bodies.


We’re working with numerous clients at MealFit, where we are helping people with diseases. We have people with Hashimoto’s disease whom we’ve helped lose 50, 60 and 70 pounds. We’ve had people with hypothyroidism whom we’ve helped lose weight, get fitter, feel better and also sleep better. We’re helping people sleep. People are sleeping better from changing their diets. And we’ve achieved this by implementing the Ketogenic Diet to help them with their lifestyle—not just for fitness, but for living better, because diseases can wreck lives.

Eating death chart

When diseases take people from this world, we are leaving others behind. And we want parents to raise their children and not have an early death because of the way they’re eating.

QUESTION: Have you ever tried a different way of eating?
If yes… What did you try?
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If you want to know more about the Ketogenic Diet, please contact me about getting started. I would love to help.

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