If I had to choose 1 supplement it would be……

In the industry I am in I get asked on a weekly basis:

“What kind of supplements do you use?”

Having played college football and competed in the CrossFit Games as a team

competitor I have been blessed to train with some of the worlds elite athletes. I have

trained hard and put my body through some punishing workouts.

For a long time I was an Advocare guy. So much so, that I became a distributor and

started making money selling it.


Then I came across this product called 3FU3L. This product was created by Brian Mackenzie. He created this out of his disgust with the supplement world and the subpar ingredients that are in most of the worlds top brands.

Brian Mackenzie





Brian set out to create a product that would have the functionality that he wanted

with the integrity of purest and highest quality ingredients.

So, I started taking this product and immediately loved the results I was getting.

More energy, and more endurance in those longer workouts. I also felt more

recovered and refreshed the day after hard workouts. In the fitness world, recovery

is often overlooked, when in reality it is the most important aspect of training. One

thing you have to remember:

3F black and WHite


You don’t reach your goals by simply training, you reach your goals when you RECOVER.

I take 3FU3L about 30 minutes before I workout. At this point the recovery process

is starting. Many people usually take in supplements after their workout, but they are

just delaying their recovery process. The preworkout fueling window is just as important

if not more than the post workout window. You can provide your body with the

necessary nutrients to perform optimally in your workout while simulaneously making it

easier for your body to adapt and recover for your next workout. The problem usually lies

in finding something that you can digest and doesn’t sit heavy in your belly. Problem

solved with 3FU3L. Because it’s ingredients absorb so quickly, there is no gut issue.



What’s in this stuff?

Medium Chain Fat.

This source of energy is immediately available to our bodies for lifting or metabolic

conditioning. The fat is from coconut milk so I know it is a clean source.


Grass Fed Whey Hydrosolate Protein.

Pure Whey protein that does not require as much water and absorbs faster than

your normal protein.



This is super low glycemic carbohydrate that acts like a fiber and is the fuel when the

coconut milk wears off. Long sustaining energy.



This product is a simple and pure product. It does not have 120 ingredients that you

cannot pronounce. It has what you need to be the best athlete you can be.

If I had to pick only 1 supplement to take it would be 3FU3L. There are thousands of

products out there to take for every thing from pre-workout to post workout to


If you want to TRY 3FU3L use the CODE 3FCOX to get a discount.

This product does everything I need it to and it tastes great. Here is a link on how I

take it.

Subscribing to this BLOG would make me smile.



QUESTION: If you could only chose 1 supplement to take what would it be???

(Please tell me in the Comments below)


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