Are you INVESTING or SPENDING your time?

Think of yourself as a precious commodity.


Are you taking care of that commodity?


How are you getting better?


Are you investing you time or spending your time?


When you invest, you expect a return on what you invested.

When you spend, there is no return.


What do you do when you get home from work?


Is it your goal to go home and sit in front of the TV?

Sleepy man watching television

What do you do when your kids go to bed?


Are you improving yourself?


Do you get up early or are you the last one out of the bed in the morning rushing to get things done?


Get up early and steal another hour to invest in yourself.


You don’t FIND time to invest in yourself…you MAKE time.



Successful people and non-successful people have the exact amount of time during the day. What are the successful people doing differently?


Many times they invest in making themselves better doing things to improve themselves.


Read More Books

Self_Help books 1

-Get a mentor that is where you want to be.

-Create a schedule and stick to it. (Click here to Download this to-do list)


-Go to conferences to improve all areas of your life. (From a better marriage to marketing your business)



In this day and age we are busier than ever. The problem is, just because we are busy does not mean we are effective. Busyness does not equal productivity.


Are you being effective with the time you have been given, or is your life cluttered with things you are spending your time on?



Invest in yourself at being a better….

  • Parent
  • Spouse
  • Business owner.

Whatever it is, MAKE time to invest in YOU. A better YOU is more of an asset to everyone around you.



I needed this video. This was as much for me than anyone else.



Hope you enjoyed it.

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2 thoughts on “Are you INVESTING or SPENDING your time?”

  1. Great article. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and not work constantly to improve yourself. I always to have remind myself to not waste time, but if the end it is more important to better myself and my family.

    Thanks again!


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