How To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

Raise your hand if this is you during the Holidays?
Raise your hand if this is you during the Holidays?

Christmas is fast approaching, can you believe that? With the Holiday season comes the Holiday temptations. That’s right, I’m talking pies, cakes, cookies, the whole nine yards. So with all of these tempting treats at your fingertips for the next month, how can you and your waistline stay safe this Holiday season? Let me give you 5 Basic Tips you can use to make sure you don’t go overboard on the Pecan Pie this Christmas season.

1. Eat Higher Calorie Foods, But Not As Often

This might sound counterintuitive, so hear me out real quick. We all know that higher calorie foods that are rich in good fats and proteins help us stay fuller, longer, right? So, if we use this principle in nutrition, we can apply it to Holiday snacks as well. For instance, consume high calorie, nutrient rich foods during the Holiday season in moderate quantities. What does this do? First and foremost it makes sure that your body is getting proper nutrients, but it has an extra benefit. If you eat high quality, high-calorie foods during the Holidays, you won’t be tempted to consume that box of ginger bread cookies that are less in calories, but also less in nutrition.

2. Skip Appetizers if You Can

We all have that one relative who brings the most fattening, yet most delicious appetizer in the world, and by holiday_dreamingthe time the main course comes out, nobody wants to eat cause they’re full from appetizers! This second tip is self-explanatory, but try to skip out on the appetizers if you can. But, with that being said, if you can’t fight the hunger before the main course, devour the vegetables and fruits. These options are not only the healthiest, but fruits and vegetables tend to have the highest amounts of fiber per ounce, which means you stay fuller for longer.

3. Wear Tighter Clothing

This one is a little crazy, right? Hear me out. The winter season brings forth the oversized sweaters, sweatshirts, and long sleeves. This actually has a psychological effect on us in terms of our body appearance, and how we see ourselves. If we are continually wearing baggy clothing that’s one size too big, odds are we are holiday-weight-lossgoing to end up filling in that empty space with our guts. To combat this, wear tighter fitting clothing. I’m not talking about two sizes too small, but a size that hugs your skin a little bit. This will help you keep track of your gut during the cold season, and will give you a step ahead advantage in getting that body ready for the beach for the next summer!

4. Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Who doesn’t love eggnog, right? I’m not saying that you can’t have alcoholic beverages during the Holidays, but I am saying that you should rotate the alcoholic for the nonalcoholic. Alcohol drinks have a lot more calories per serving than that of tea, and water (which has 0). The scary thing about beverages is that you easily forget how many calories you’re consuming because it’s a liquid and it goes down easy. If you cut down the cups of eggnog you will be saving yourself hundreds or even thousands of calories by the time the Holiday season is over.

So now you are equipped with four new tactics to stay in the best shape of your life during the Christmas season. Remember to enjoy yourself this Holiday season, but don’t indulge to the point where you’re hating yourself by the end of New Years!


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