5 Essentials for your home GYM

With the holiday season coming around, it’s important to watch your weight. If you haven’t got time to hit the gym due to family and friends visiting over the Christmas period, then fear not. You can still work out at home! Here are five of the best home gym solutions.

1. Pull Up Bar

Imagine being able to do pull-ups from anywhere in your home. Well, with a portable pull up bar you can do just that. The versatility of these products means that you can use it in the garage until you’ve set up a dedicated room in your home for gym activities. Or, even take it outside in the warmer, summer months to keep cool while working out. Either way, this can be a much cheaper alternative to a gym membership that will keep your arms, shoulders and back looking ripped. pu

2. Rowing Machine rowing Picking up a rowing machine can be pricey, but definitely worth it. What could be better than exercising and getting toned while sat down? A quick burst on the rowing machine can work wonders. Stick it in your garage, out of sight and just hop on when you’ve got half an hour to spare. These machines work your back, shoulders, biceps and pecs. So, you’re dealing with a lot of muscle groups here. If you are looking for some rowing workouts here are some great ones:text rowing  

3. Jump Rope

2014 Games Open standards
2014 Games Open standards

This piece of equipment is probably the cheapest most compact item you could own. Not only is it essential for your home gym but it can be a part of your travel gym as well. It’s lower impact than jogging and you don’t have to leave the room to do it! Here are other benefits of jump roping:

• Full Body workout
• Do it anywhere
• Inexpensive
• Very portable
• Rocky does it in all his movies.


If you are looking for travel workouts, here are some that involve a Jump rope and a Wall Ball text travel   Would you like to try a FREE Week of MealFit?

4. Med Ball

This will run you about $100 but is a great workout. You can do so many things other than just Wall Balls. You can do Med ball cleans, run with it, sit ups, and I could go on an on.


5. Dumbbells

Waiting for the dumbbells at the gym can be a nightmare. Everybody wants the same set and once you’ve nabbed them you feel pressured to rush your workout. This doesn’t have to be the case. Get yourself a set of dumbbells for the home that are adjustable.
Any exercise you can do with a kettlebell you can do with a dumbbell. IMO you can also do other things with dumbbells that are not easy with Kettlebells. Love these things.

db snatch

Ultimately, any of these home gym solutions is going to revolutionize the way you exercise…Good luck, and stay FIT!

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