Change Your Life With One Book

How to change your life with one book, Girl Boss.

We have all heard the adage that “Leaders are Readers”. This statement resonated more with me when I heard Tai Lopez say, ‘That having a mentor is one of the most valuable experiences in life.’

He then goes on to say that everyone cannot be mentored by Warren Buffet or Sam Walton or Jeff Bezos. Books on the other hand are the next best thing to being mentored by these giants in their industry.

I say all this to encourage you to READ. READ. READ.

I am not just talking about being nestled up by the fire with a book. I am talking about using all the time that you have during the day and use it to be productive.

Here are times when you can read / listen to books and increase your knowledge or motivation.

• Driving to work
• Washing dishes
• Doing those mindless tasks at work
• Working out. (Running/ Rowing/ Walking)
• Any time you would normally listen to music, listen to an audio book
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The book we are going to talk about today is not one you would probably see recommended from a dad of 3 who was a former college football player and coach.

But, a fellow business owner, who is a lot more successful than I am, recommended it to me. She said she could not put it down.

I had to cook for a lunch one day then I had to drive about 45 min to get to the lunch and listened to the whole thing in one day. This has been one of my favorite audio books of all time.

#girlboss is a book about Sophia Amoruso. She is the creator of a company called Nasty Gal. A $100 million e-tailer that has birthed out of Sophia’s drive to be great.

At 17 she decided school was not for her and proceeded to live a life of dumpster diving and petty stealing to make ends meat. Then she discovered the thrift store and e-bay.


Throughout the book Sophia tells true stories about the process she went through to get started. How she use to go to thrift stores’ up and down the California coast looking for these “vintage” clothes then the process of using models and taking pictures and then on the next step of uploading all the picturess and info to e-bay to then sell.

She tells her process of how she use to steal items from a department store, and take them back to another store and get her money back so she could have food money.

All the way to having a multi-million dollar company and what the best practices and questions to ask on an interview.

Sophia is a true inspiration to anyone that wants to be a business owner and make something of themselves.

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There is some language in the book, so you may not want to listen to this in the car if you have young kids. Nothing terrible just your occasional cuss word.

The other cool thing about the audio version is that when you see her on the cover then you hear the voice on the audio book it’s like she is talking to you.

Who is this for?

  • Any entrepreneur
    • Anyone struggling to find their niche in business.
    • A woman trying to make it in a male dominated profession,
    • Any business owner.
    • Anyone looking for motivation.

I highly recommend this book because it is
• Exciting
• Motivational
• Informational
• And FUN.

Make this one of your FREE downloads when you join and get the audible app.

What’s the best book you’ve read in the last 2 months?
Answer the question in the comments below


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