Why are you LIMITING yourself?

Where in your life are you limited?

Go ahead…answer it.

Is it…
• Your age?
• Your gender?
• Not athletic enough?
• Don’t have enough money?
• No experience?

Now my next question is when did YOU decide that was a limitation.

At some point in your life you made the decision that your reason was a limitation.

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Another question.

Among the people that know you or know of you, are you known as a hard worker?

Not that you are smart. Or that you are a good salesman, or that you make a lot of money.

Are you known as a hard worker?

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There are studies out there in the parenting world that tell you not to compliment your kids in a way of telling them they are smart. But to compliment them on how hard they work.

For example: When your kid spells all their words right on the spelling test, don’t tell them how smart they are, compliment them on how hard they worked to get that good grade.

I say all this to say, you are in charge of your own life. YOU are the one that makes things happen or not happen.

Get out there and make your dreams happen.

You’re not sure about something? Need to learn a new craft?
• Read a book
• Watch a video
• Get a mentor.
You are the controller of your own future go make it happen.



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