7 Reasons Why You SHOULD have a Garage Gym

Have you ever thought about creating a gym space in your house?


Check out what Jarred Moon from End of Three Fitness has to say about creating a garage gym.

Let me start by saying, everyone can and should have some sort of garage gym setup!


Well, occasionally life gets in the way, and having a garage gym can help you stay on track. But there are a lot more reasons than that, and you probably have some questions/concerns, like…

  • It’s too expensive…
  • Maybe you think your performance will suffer without a coach…
  • Perhaps you are afraid to lose your gym community…

Well, I can tell you it’s not too expensive, becoming your own programmer is pretty easy (if you work at it), and you can still be a part of your gym community!

On top of that, you get…

  • Freedom of your time (workout on YOUR schedule)…
  • Freedom of your money (cut monthly fees)…
  • Freedom to do whatever the heck you want (programming)…

Then, after you become a Garage Gym Athlete, and you want to get a little more serious there is always stuff out there like:

  • Online coaching (for a fraction of gym fees)
  • Free/paid resources and programs
  • And AWESOME technology to improve athletes (coaches eye, etc.)

Becoming a Garage Gym Athlete is AWESOME, but let’s talk about some reasons you SHOULD have a garage gym…perhaps a few reasons you haven’t even thought about.

Let’s get right to it!


1.) Holidays – If your family is like mine, the holidays can be crazy. Even if your gym is open, it is going to be hard to make it in with all the meals, events, etc. That is one of the main reasons I think everyone should have at least a few pieces of equipment at home, or in the garage.



2.) Kids/Family – Fitness is important. Having a garage gym can really help you emphasize the importance of fitness in your life to others. For your family and friends, maybe it helps them get in shape, too. For your kids, maybe it provides a lasting influence on them; it lets them know fitness is important and not optional!



3.) It’s cheap! – If you aren’t afraid of a couple DIY projects you can have a very effective garage gym for very little cash.


4.) Commuting is for the birds – You spend enough time sitting each day! Why add to it with more…SITTING! Commuting is wasted time, wasted money, and something that takes away from your health.



5.) Your Garage…Your Rules – When you become a garage gym athlete, you are in charge of your programming! Want to get stronger, do it! Want to get faster, do it! Don’t sit around and wait/hope for someone to program what you want.


6.) More Time – If you go to a “Globo Gym”, you are wasting precious time. You have the commute, which we talked about (5-20+ minutes), the check-in-put-my-stuff-away-and-get-to-the-exercise-equipment dance (10 minutes), waiting-on-randoms-doing-the-exercise-wrong showdown (10 minutes), the hi-I-see-my-neighbor convo (5 minutes)…do some of that in reverse and we are at over an hour…without factoring in the workout!! Get a garage gym and save your time!



7.) It Saves You Money – Yes, you can build a garage gym for cheap, but where the real beauty is not in what it costs you, but what it SAVES you. You can cut on monthly membership fees, which add up A LOT over the years, your healthy lifestyle will help cut insurance costs, and the list goes on and on. There is a lot to a garage gym, but what it saves you may be the biggest!

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We hope you this has given you some great reasons to start planning you garage gym! Click here for more great articles and tips like this!


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