7 Easy and Healthy Back To School Snacks

7 Healthy Back To School Snacks You Can Buy


As the parent who does most of the grocery shopping and the one who creates the menu every week for MealFit and for our own home I am always the one creating the grocery list and it is always changing. We believe in feeding our kids a variety of different things so they will experience different tastes and expose their pallet to new flavors and seasonings.


Snacks, however, is a different deal. I get asked all the time, actually every week,


“What is a good snack to feed my kids that is healthy?” 



I want to have something for them that they can literally grab and get that I know is not bad for them. Even though the menu and grocery list are constantly changing from week to week there are several mainstays that we get every week at the grocery store and they mostly revolve around snacks.



#1 Hand Fruit 

What is that? It is any fruit that the kids can go by the fridge and grab and eat. We gauge how much they are eating and we try to get the lower sugar fruits such as strawberries, black berries, grapes, & raspberries. We also get Cuties and bananas, Yes, I know bananas have a lot of sugar, but we monitor how many they have.



#2 Cheese Stick 

Some people avoid dairy, we avoid milk but not cheese. This is a good source of protein and fat, which seems to be hard to find with kids snacks. We try to stay away from the low fat kind. Cheese sticks are even better when your kids are old enough to open them themselves and great to carry and pack in a lunch as well.



#3 Nut butter (Peanut, Almond, Sun Butter) 

We are peanut butter people, (Jif natural).  Some people have peanut allergies so they have to get almond butter or even sun butter. They give sun butter at Johnna’s (my 6 year old) school because it is the safest when it comes to the allergy stuff..  Sun butter (comes from sunflower seeds) is one that I do not like. My daughter likes it though and that’s what matters.



#4 Eggs 

Our family of 4 goes through almost 5 dozen eggs a week. With breakfast and snacks we keep Aldi in business. (Anyone in Cookeville who has eggs I will take them). Between the 4 of us we eat 9 every morning.  We also hard-boil them for snacks for the kids. They love to go in and just grab one and eat it.  I used to hard boil them, take out the yolk and add peanut butter to them and crush them.


#5 Greek Yogurt 

The good thing about this snack is it is another good source of fat and protein. The only bad thing about this is they are higher in sugar. We like the Chobani brand because it has the least amount of sugar that we can find. Kids can get in the fridge and rip it open and go. Another good thing to do with this is to freeze it.  Once it is frozen, Throw it in the microwave for 10-12 seconds and you have a “healthier” Popsicle. Our kids like this for dessert.



#6 Emergen-C 

We love this stuff. Our kids drink this everyday at some point either at breakfast or at snack.  We do not do juice (too much sugar) or Kool-aid (again, too much sugar) so this serves as our “Sweet” Treat for the kids. It also has 1000MG of Vitamin C per package so it helps benefit their immune systems especially during the winter months.



#7 Pepperoni

This is the newest addition to our weekly shopping trip. To be honest, I am not sure how we go into the routine of getting this, but when we did we noticed our kids eating more and more of it.  The good qualities are that it has protein and fat.  The bad qualities are that it is not”natural” meat. It is processed and as much as we try to stay away from the processed stuff we are human and we love convenience.


I hope this helps you on your journey to create healthy little ones. I would love to hear what all you are doing with your kids snack time treats.


QUESTION: What is your favorite Kids snack and WHY?


Leave your answers in the comments below.

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