Mealfit’s New Industrial Menu Board

We have new menu board at Mealfit. We went over a year without having a menu at all, so we decided it was time to get one. We wanted to stick with the brick and wood theme we already had going, so we made our own.


We took some boards that were the seats in the restaurant before we took over this location and re-purposed them. I didn’t want to throw them away, so we made a sign out of it shortly after we moved in.


The boards sat in the back for about a year and we wanted to save some money, so we figured this was a great opportunity for the menu board. 

We bought two pieces of luan and painted them with chalk board paintWe set the luan in the reclaimed wood, kinda like a picture frame. This is what makes up the two outer sections.


We then bought a piece of tin from the local hardware store and mounted it between two pieces of reclaimed wood. We got some cast iron pipe and mounted it to the top piece of wood. We used the same type of tin that we used in another sign we have in the building for a cohesive look.


For the middle section, we got the same size cast iron pipe and ran it through a roll of peach butcher paper. Took a piece of leather from Hobby Lobby and nailed to the bottom board to keep the butcher paper in place. We use these chalk markers to do all of the writing of the menu including specials and our awesome seasonings.


Loved the way it turned out. It is industrial, but it still sticks with the Mealfit look.

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