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What Are The BENEFITS of Pumpkin?

With the Halloween season getting closer, a lot of attention will be paid to the pumpkin. Yes, the thing we all carve and stick candles into, and the fruit we use to make delicious pies during the holiday season. However, why do a lot of us regulate pumpkin consumption to just these specific times?

Pumpkin has incredible health benefits – I’m going to give you five  reasons why you should eat more pumpkin, and not just save it for the holidays!

1. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

Pumpkin flesh is rich in Vitamin A, Potassium, and Fiber, all of which are vital players in keeping your blood pressure in check. Potassium plays an important role in sodium regulation in the blood, and adequate intake of potassium can lead to decreased risk for hypertension.

2. Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer

Pumpkin is rich in beta-carotene – it’s what gives the pumpkin it’s signature orange color. Fortunately, beta-carotene has been shown in research to have an inverse association with developing colon cancer cells. What this means is that the beta-carotene in pumpkin acts as a reversal mechanism in the presence of colon cancer cells. How cool is that?

3. Helps Immune System

Like mentioned earlier, pumpkin is high in Vitamin C and beta-carotene. Along with the previous benefits talked about above, these two molecules provide a serious tag team defense for your immune system given their immense nutrient dense health immunities.

4. Helps Women Who Are Trying to Have Children

There are numerous women who have trouble with fertility in America, yet who knew that the pumpkin had the potential to help those women? According to a Harvard Study, women of child-birthing age who ate more iron from plants (such as pumpkin), were shown to have increased levels of fertility. Vitamin A also plays a key role in this as well because it helps regulate and stimulate lactation enzymes and hormone synthesis.

5. Helps Eye Health

Rule of Thumb in nutrition: If a vegetable or fruit is orange or red, chances are it will help with eyesight. This goes back to the beta-carotene found in pumpkin. Along with Vitamin E (also found in pumpkin), the two team up to provide not only eyesight improvement, but also fight against eyesight degeneration.


3 Things You Should ALWAYS Have With You

In today’s day and age, everything is on a mobile device. It’s a major convenience, but it has also caused us, as a society, to be glued to a screen all the time.

Don’t hear what I am not saying, because I love all the things I can do with my phone. I communicated with my web developer for a month any time I needed to while he was in BALI…… That’s right. You probably have never heard of the place but it’s an island in the middle of Indonesia.  If you’ve never heard of Indonesia, ask The Google.

But, there are 3 things that I always have with me (excluding my Phone and Wallet) and these are 3 things I think every man and woman needs to have on them AT ALL TIMES.


  1. A Good Pen and Notepad

In my opinion, this is a much better alternative than typing it in your phone. Why?

When someone says something and you pull out a notebook and write it down, it lets them know what they said is important, and people like to feel important. When you are with someone or a crowd of people, they’ll never know if you are actually typing down information or are just texting, zombie scrolling, or searching Amazon. Being glued to a phone is unattractive and can be viewed as rude to our older generation.

It has been proven that you remember more when you write things down. You can also draw pictures if you need to. I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled out my Field Notes to draw a picture to explain something or give a visual to someone. And lastly…. what if your phone is dead?


I use a Field Notes. Nice and Durable and easy to write on. It also fits in any pocket.

I also use a 1.0 Uniball Pen. I like the click pen instead of a pen with a top because I do not like to have to keep up with the top. I like the 1.0 instead of the 0.7 because I like the larger point. I also just love the way it writes.

  1. Business Cards. 

I am going to get laughed out of the building with this one, but hear me out. A GREAT business card is priceless. I am not talking about a cheap one. Spend the money and get one that sticks out. I have a 32 point business card with painted edges and rounded corners (edges painted with fluorescent green and all 4 corners rounded at 1/4″).

I know, details. But I was always taught, “There’s dollars in the details.”

I ordered them from Jakprints It’s a company out of Cleveland. They do a great job.

So why do I spend $.07 on a business card when I could get on Vistaprint and get a million cards for $49.99? Let me say this…95% of the time I give out a business card, (literally 95% of the time) the person I am giving the card to says, “Wow, that’s a nice card,” and it sparks a conversation. When you are engaged in longer conversations with more substance, people remember you. People do business with folks they remember. In a society where everything is digital, it’s always great to physically give them something in their hand that makes them remember you.

So, what needs to go on your card?

  • Name
  • Company if you have one
  • Logo
  • Email
  • Cell phone (if you want to)
  • What you or your company does
  • Social media handles

This is a must. You will never catch me out without one.


  1. $150 CASH

This one was taught to me by a mentor of mine named Randy Keifer. Randy is a dear friend and has so much wisdom. Why cash? There will be many times when you will not need this. We live in a digital age and we can swipe a credit card and get just about anything we need. But CASH will always, and I repeat ALWAYS be king.

There may be a time when you’re out and about and you need that money for something. What happens if you’re in the middle of nowhere and you need some help? You find a good deal and the place only accepts cash! How many times have  you been to the store and you have stuff to buy and the credit card machine is down?

Also, there is something empowering about having that cash on you. It’s hard to explain, but when you have it, you have more confidence knowing you have it. Also, if you are in a spot where you need to give, or the Holy Spirit prompts you to bless someone, you have that ability.

The key is, when you spend it, immediately replace it.


These 3 things may seem a little old school, but sometimes old school is okay.  People respect you when you understand the digital age and function in the new way of doing things, yet still have a traditional way about you. Respect from the young and the old.

Check out this video where I go more in-depth as to why I believe these are things you should always have with you.


Share and let me know your thoughts below in the comments!


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Top 3 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Lean

One of the greatest parts of my job is seeing people’s progress. I love getting text messages and emails where people tell me they have lost 15 pounds in a month since starting mealfit. Another great one is when they tell me they have had to buy all new jeans because the old ones don’t fit anymore. These messages are priceless, and they make my day.

Often when people come to me for advice, they say that they have been trying to lose weight, but nothing seems to be working.  After talking to hundreds of people, I have reduced it down to 3 mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight.


1. No Plan

I was talking to my son’s teacher the other day, and this is what she told me:

“You know, I leave work and I am honestly not sure what we are going to eat, so we just go to the local drive thru.”

Here is another line I get thrown at me time and time again :

“When we get home from ball practice we are so tired we really just don’t want to think about cooking. We tend to just go to the pantry and figure it out.”

I believe part of my mission is to help people avoid the drive thru and eat in a way that keeps them fit and healthy. The 2 people above have fallen prey to not having a plan. The old adage of  “Failing to plan is planning to fail” could not be more true when it comes to the food we eat. When we do not have a plan we stumble into eating foods that are full of grains, sugar, and preservatives. All of which are making our society obese and lethargic.

When people have a plan, they are 7 times more likely to succeed than when they don’t.  Think about it; when you go to work, and you have a schedule that you must stick to you are so much more productive than you would be when your day is not mapped out.


Get a plan that will tell you what to buy, what to eat, how to cook it. A great and easy way to do this is to check out mealfit Plans. I know that it can be hard to prepare your meals each week, so with mealfit Plans I will give you a complete meal plan along with a grocery list of what to buy. I promise it will make staying prepared so much easier! It also helps to make this process mindless so that you can spend your effort on other things — like your business or family.


2. Less Fat = Less Fat

Fat is a macronutrient. It shouldn’t be used to describe someone’s appearance. How would it sound if you called a guy that is yoked with muscles on top of muscles “Protein”??

It makes no sense. Since we have done that, it has been virtually impossible to convince people that FAT is not bad for you. When wanting to lose weight our daily goal should be to reduce our intake of sugar.  When we reduce our sugar intake, our blood sugar stays steady, thus keeping us from being hungry throughout the day.  A low sugar, higher fat diet will increase our satiety and overtime reduce our weight and decrease our body fat.


Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.57.05 PM

3. Stop Eating

I’ve heard it a thousand times — consume less calories than you burn. This methodology has driven most of the female population to work out to the extreme and eat next to nothing. While this will increase your weight loss, it is not something that will keep weight off. Also, it is very unhealthy. When you don’t consume enough calories, your body goes into starvation mode. Thus, shutting down your metabolism and holding on to weight that could be lost with proper diet and exercise. Not to mention, the loss of energy and cognitive ability that comes with not consuming enough fuel.

In order to get lean and do it effectively in a healthy manner, consuming the right foods in the right amount is crucial. I would love to give you an amount that is optimal for everyone, but everyone is different and it will vary from person to person.

Throughout all my conversations of helping people with losing weight or leaning out, I have realized most have some misconstrued ideas of healthy eating. The above things are issues that produce results, once people apply them. If there was 1 thing I could leave you with as you proceed on your weight loss — Have a plan, and stick to it.


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4 Step Morning Routine That Will Transform Your Day

I love the morning, and I love getting started with my day. Some people are night owls, and some are morning people. I love the morning.

I think it is important to be as efficient as we can be in all we do. I try to make my morning as mindless as possible. Many successful people focus on making as many decisions as they can mindless. I go into great detail about the theory behind that in this article.

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 12.19.44 PM

So here is what I do every morning, no matter what day it is:

  • Wake up: 4:15 am
  • Walk in the living room and press the ON button on the coffee maker that I pre-loaded the night before.
  • I drink my coffee black, and I drink 2-3 Cups in the morning before I leave the house.
  • After I start the coffee, I go in the bathroom and brush my teeth and pee.
  • Next, I pick my clothes up from the designated spot and go into the living room and put on my clothes including my shoes.

I always get dressed to workout. Why? Because those clothes are non-restricting and comfortable. I always put on my shoes. ALWAYS. When my shoes are off, I feel like I am in a too relaxed state. When I get up I am ready to tackle the day, so I want to be in a readied relaxed state. Ready to go fight hell with a water pistol but relaxed enough to not stress about what’s in front of me. Having shoes on helps me be in that ready state.


  • Read. I sit at my kitchen table in a dining room chair because I do not want to be in a lounging comfortable chair. I want to be in that readied relaxed state.
    • I do the same thing every morning, again to make it mindless.
      • I read the one year bible (Verses from the new testament, psalms and proverbs.)
      • Read the daily devotional guide that I have. It is only half of one page but the writers of this little thing are so good. I love the nuggets I get out of it.
      • While I read, I write in  my prayer journal the verses that stick out to me and the things God puts on my heart. While I am reading, I make bulleted lists of people and things I am going to pray for. I write them down so I do not forget them.
      • I read what ever spiritual book I am reading at the time. This is a book that has some kind of spiritual teaching in it. As of this writing, I am reading “Deep and Wide” by Andy Stanley.
      • I try to read about 50 pages a day, not of that particular book but 50 total.
      • I then spend sometime in prayer. Sometimes I write the prayers, sometimes I pray silently, sometimes I pray out loud.
      • I then pick up whatever book I am reading and read it for 20-30 min.


  • MOVE
    • This is something that I do daily, some days it is 45 minutes and some days it is 10 minutes. My goal is to prime my body. Get the blood flowing and moving from my brain to my toes. I want to grease the wheels.
    • The biggest thing I want to do is get out of breath. I want to breathe hard and sweat.
    • Sometimes that is lifting something heavy.  Taking 20 min and working up to a heavy single or double but staying in rhythm doing a set every minute or every 90 seconds keeps my heart rate going while still moving a heavy load.
    • Some days I run for 20 min and them some days I just walk out to the garage and hop on my C2 Rower and row. The possibilities are unlimited. The goal is to move and get out of breath.
    • Most days, this is not my primary workout. I usually workout in the afternoon with my wife and friends. We have a group of us that lift together in the afternoon. We let the kids run free while we lift in the garage or outside.
    • In a day an age where we sit most of the day, this is HUGE for me. It releases those much needed endorphins that help me think clearly throughout the day.
    • I find that if for some reason I do not get to move in the morning, I am more groggy and have less energy.

After I am finished I usually come in and take a shower and fix breakfast.

I know it is important to make sure you are taking care of the things that need to be taken care of before we get into the hustle and bustle of the day.

You read this and you are probably saying:

  • Man this looks hard!
    • You’re right. It is, but you have to do things no one else does in order to be like no one else is.
  • I can’t get up that early!
    • Start slow and work yourself that way.
  • I don’t have that much discipline!
    • Again, discipline is a muscle, the more you work it the stronger it gets.

In closing, you can do it. Take it one step at a time.

Morning routine everyday:

  1. Coffee
  2. Dressed (Shoes)
  3. Read, pray Read
  4. Move

Let us know in the comments if you have a morning routine and what it is!


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Unplugged Book Review

There are so many apps and add ons out there and hundreds being created each day. We are a society that does not do life without our phones in our hand, and we use every app and wearable imaginable to help us track everything from the number of steps we take, to the amount of calories we burn, to our heart rate.



In this book, Unplugged, Brian, Andy, and Phil take a look at what has transpired over the last 5-10 years and given us an in depth look at how to leverage technology properly while at the same time getting back to out innate instincts that God gave us.

Brian Mackenzie is a performance Specialist who founded Power Speed Endurance, and he is an expert on breathing and performance. He has trained Olympic Gold Medalists, CrossFit Games Champions and professional athletes from football, to surfing, to MMA.

Andy Gaplin is a kinesiology professor at the center of sport performance and California State University Fullerton. Andy also has a podcast called Body of Knowledge that is pretty awesome.

FullSizeRender 26

Phil White is the coauthor of Waterman 2.0 and Flight Plan.


The book is written from Brian’s perspective and he says that we are sacrificing genuine deep interactions with real humans to the artificial community that online apps provide.

This is so true, and is a problem that needs to be fixed.  From the words of Tim Ferris:

“Technology is an excellent tool, but a terrible master.”


Lets talk about the good part of technology:

  • Motivation – anytime we have a new “toy” we want to play.
  • Insightful – helps us see what we are doing
  • Goals – gives us a goal to strive for or beat.

Now lets look at the negative part of technology

  • Can keep us from being totally in tune with our bodies when we rely on the technology for too much guidance.
  • Newness always wears off of our “toys”
  • Too much DATA can be overwhelming and cause people to quit.

Now, there are pages and pages of more in-depth reasons on this in the book. The thing I love is how it opened my eyes to what is happening in our society and how we can use technology and still stay true to how God made us.


My final thoughts: Great book with great examples and studies to back up the claims. There were tons of research hours taken to make this book what it is. It could be a text book in any exercise science class in any university,but it is also an amazing read with tons of knowledge.

The problem you get when you read a book written by someone with a mind like Andy and Brain, is that it is sometimes over your head. Not this one. They have done an excellent job at writing it in a way that everyone can understand. If you care anything about your longevity of life and overall health you need to read this book.

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Let us know in the comments if you read Unplugged, and what you think!


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5 Must-Read Business Books

I read a lot, so today I want to share with you my Top 5 Business Books. All 5 of these books are amazing and will help you in countless ways.

I make reading a priority each and every day, and if you are wanting to do the same, here are some great books to start out with.


  • Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kyosiki

This one is one of the first books I read when I was in college. I had just gotten into reading because I did not grow up a reader. Even though my mom read books literally all the time, I was more into sports and not really focused on education. I did the bare minimum in high school and college but still managed to make the deans list a hand full of times. My parents we teachers, and that was what I was going to be.


In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kyosiki refers to his real dad as his poor dad and his best friend’s dad as his rich dad. One was in education and one was in business. This was the book that for the first time got me thinking about there being something else out there besides a traditional salary job. So much wisdom and motivation in this timeless classic.

  • 10X Rule – Grant Cardone


If you ever want to listen to a book, this is the one to do it. It is so good and so full of little nuggets of info that will challenge you and give you ideas. Grant is so motivating in what he says and how he says it. When you get done listening to him you’ll want to go bear hunting with a switch. He gives some of his story of how was on drugs and then goes into how he made it as a businessman on so many different levels. This book is for anyone in business or thinking about getting into business.

  • Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got – Jay Abraham


This book has a ton of actionable items. Jay has taken over companies and made them into empires, and done it with persistant and interesting marketing tactics. He gives you the overview of those ideas in this book. There are so many items you can immeditelly pull from him and put into action ASAP. I took one tip that was less than a page and implemented it into my business. It helped me gross over $40,000 extra in 2 months.

Such a great book.

  • How to win Friends and influence people

Timeless. This book is on just about every successful business person’s shelf, and for good reason. Life and business is about people. Its not about tricks and gimmicks its about people. Dale goes into the smallest actionable things to do to help with people. The number one thing I pulled from this is “the sweetest sound to a person’s ear is the sound of their own name.”


I teach this to my empoyees, to my kids, when I go speak, everyone and everywhere. This single tip will help you win with people. Don’t let the fact that this book was originally written over 70 years ago turn you away. The advice in it is timeless and will never go out of date.



I have recommended this book to at least 10 people and have not met one person that has read it and not loved it. Sophia tells her story of how she started selling on eBay, going from thrift store to thrift store all up and down the west coast to the multi-million dollar success she is now. This is a motivating and inspiring book for all business owner, not just women. She speaks directly and to the point, giving you advice and motivating you at the same time. Great read but even better in audio.


Take some time to read these books, and I promise you won’t regret it.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite business books are! 


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The BEST Kale Salad


Kale is everywhere these days. It is a super green that is packed with nutrients, and is one of the world’s most healthiest foods. Kale offers tons of awesome health benefits ranging from lowering the risk of cancer, to helping improve skin and hair.

There are tons of ways to incorporate more kale into your diet, and today we have one of our favorites to share with you. This kale salad is not only healthy and delicious, but its also very simple. This dish is a great side to anything you are serving, or even as a meal itself!



  • 4 cups kale
  • ½ cup raisins
  • ½ cup almonds
  • ½ cup grated parmesan cheese
  • ¼ cup each extra virgin olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon salt and pepper



In a large bowl combine:

6 cups kale – finely chopped in food processor, ½ cup raisins, ½ cup almonds, and ½ cup grated parmesan cheese


Combine ¼ cup each extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, ½ teaspoon salt and pepper and whisk well. Add to kale mixture and toss well until coated.


One of the secrets to this salad is the chop and texture of the kale. It’s chopped to the consistency of tabbouleh. Tips for getting the right texture are to make sure your kale is spun dry—you don’t want it too wet—and you don’t want to overcrowd the bowl of your food processor, so do it in batches. Pulse the kale until it’s finely chopped and transfer to a medium sized bowl. Proportions are a bit tricky with this recipe. How much is a bunch of kale? And if like me, you are using organic mixed baby kale leaves, how much to use? Trust your instincts on this recipe. If you think you need more or less dressing, cheese, etc. adjust as needed. Although I didn’t measure, I’d say I ended up with about 2.5 to 3 cups of chopped kale.


Let us know in the comments if you try this recipe! 


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Making it Mindless

Every day I look forward to getting up. I look forward to starting the day. Sleep is good, but I LOVE action. I love getting going and making things happen.

Here is the thing, each of those decisions are a choice. I am making a choice to get up and get my day going, I want to be ahead of the game and ahead of everyone else. Not in a “I am going to do more than you” attitude, but a thought process of no one is going to out-work, out-hustle, or out-learn me.

As a business owner, I am making hundreds  of decisions daily; from the largest to the smallest things I am always making a decision. From how to answer a disgruntled customers email, to the pricing of catering meal, to hiring employs, to signing leases on property that I will be locked into for years to come.

All of us are human, and it has been proven that we get to a point mentally where we have made so many decisions that the important ones we have to make suffer because we have made so many other decisions throughout our day.


Michael Lewis Wrote in a Vanity Fair Article about Barak Obama:

You also need to remove from your life the day-to-day problems that absorb most people for meaningful parts of their day. “You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits,” [Obama] said. “I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.” He mentioned research that shows the simple act of making decisions degrades one’s ability to make further decisions.

Steve Jobs was the same way. He wore the same thing every day. Black turtleneck, Blue jeans and New Balance shoes. He did not want to waste his decision making ability.

Steve Jobs


Albert Einstein. It has been reported that the famous physicist bought several versions of the same grey suit because he didn’t want to waste brainpower on choosing an outfit each morning.

Powerful morning routines are not a fad. They have been embraced in both Eastern and Western cultures for time immemorial. There are records of Jesus himself practicing a regular Morning Prayer routine before traveling to new towns to teach and heal.


Mark Zuckerburg the Facebook CEO told NBC’s TODAY host Matt Lauer that he owns “maybe about 20” identical grey T-shirts. Zuckerberg said, “I mean, I wear the same thing every day, right? I mean, it’s literally, if you could see my closet at home.” Why does he do this? He owns a billion dollar company and he wears the same thing every day.  I have to believe part of it is the brand of Mark Zuckerburg, but the majority of it is that fact that he does not want to waste the decisions for things that really don’t matter.


The famous American dancer and choreographer, Twyla Tharp, extolls in her book The Creative Habit, “I begin each day of my life with a ritual.” Hers begins at 5:30 a.m., where she wakes and puts on workout clothes, walks outside her Manhattan home, hails a taxi, and goes to the Pumping Iron gym to work out for two hours. “The ritual is the cab. The moment I tell the driver where to go, I have completed the ritual.” She adds that this ability to harness the power of morning ritual is transferable to all other areas of her creative, professional, and personal life.

How do you create a morning routine? 

You have to find what works for you. You can look at my morning routine and follow it, but it may not be exactly what you are looking for.

It has taken me years to develop and get it to where I want it to be.

If you look at some of the most successful in the business, there are a hand full of consistent things that constantly pop up.

Here is a list of the things that many of these highly successful people do.

  • Wake up early (5 AM is a common time)
  • Coffee or Tea
  • Read
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Plan the day

These are all common, but not a necessity for everyone.

I think it is vital to take care of what you can the night before and do as you have planned when you get up.

Here are some examples of what you can do the night before.

  • Set the coffee pot
  • Lay out your clothes for the day
  • Have your workspace ready

Why is all this important? Because there is no one single thing that makes any one human great. It is the grand sum of the small things done over and over to perfection that makes the great ones stand apart.  The great ones don’t do things until they can do them right, they do them until you can’t do them wrong.

Let us know your thoughts down below! 


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Coconut ‘n’ Banana Smoothie Recipe

School is back in session, which means busy schedules for your whole family. Healthy snacks that kids will actually eat are hard to come by. Next time your child comes home from school begging for a treat, whip them up this delicious AND healthy smoothie!


Serving Size: 1/2 the recipe –  Calories: 180 – Carbs: Total Fat: 4g – Protein: 8g


  • 1/2 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/4 cup apple juice
  • 3/4 cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup chopped spinach
  • 1/2 inch slice fresh ginger


  • Place all ingredients into a blender
  • Mix until well blended, stopping to scrape sides down if needed
  • Serve immediately, and enjoy!


This recipe is simple, requires very few ingredients, and tasty enough for the whole family!


Let us know down below what your favorite place to enjoy a smoothies! 


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Soul Keeping by John Ortburg Book Review

Most of us have a few people in life that when they suggest something, you do it. No questions asked. For example, David Quick is a stud chef whom I respect and love. When he says I need to get a particular kitchen or cooking item, I immediately go to Amazon (here is a great example)  and order that item.


When Bowman texts me and says “You need to read this book.” I go straight to Amazon and get the book. On one particular day, Bowman said I needed to get “Soul Keeping” By John Ortburg.


Ortburg has a tendency to be a little deep and hard to understand at times. This book was not that way at all. So many insightful nuggets that make you think and challenge you in your faith.

Below, I have some nuggets that challenged me and why:

“You must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.” 

In a world of digital and express and fast and deadlines; this one challenged me to the core.

“If your soul is healthy, no external circumstance can destroy your life. If your soul is unhealthy, no external circumstance can redeem your life.”

Wow, Keeping my soul healthy will greatly improve my mental thoughts as well as the ways I view myself and what I do.

“Someone said a long time ago, if the Devil can’t make you sin, he will make you busy, because either way your soul will shrivel. Our world will divert your soul’s attention because it is a cluttered world. And clutter is maybe the most dangerous result, because it’s so subtle.” 

How true is this? When everything in this world is going great, we forget about God — not totally, but slowly. We slowly get out of the routine of reading our bible daily or spending time in prayer or going to church. UNTIL something extreme happens. Then, we quickly get back in the rhythm of our relationship with our Jesus.

I could go on and on for hours. You get the point. Ortburg has done a tremendous job of talking about what the Soul actually is and how we can keep it as healthy as possible.


Here is the link to get this book. I promise it is worth your time. AND, head on over to Facebook for a chance to win a FREE copy!

Share and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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