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4 Reasons You Should Visit Poets Coffee Shop

If you’re walking around the square in our quaint little town of Cookeville, Tennessee, you have to stop in at the Poets Coffee Shop.

Back in 2013, a guy named Jeremy Crabtree bought the place from the Taylor family and has continually been upgrading and improving every aspect of the place since. While the coffee is great, there are so many more reasons to stop at this hot spot in the heart of the upper Cumberland.

Poets door

1. A Great Spot

This joint is located on the corner of Broad and Jefferson, two major roads in the heart of Cookeville.  You can easily walk to Dogwood Park and the soon-to-be Heart of the City Playground from here, and the cafe also shares a building with The Market, a popular and trendy clothing store that many people in town enjoy.

You can walk to the post office, city hall, multiple cool restaurants and the world-famous Ralph’s Doughnuts. Once you’ve had your fill of the area’s cuisine and treats, you can work off the meal at CrossFit Mayhem, the home gym of Rich Froning, who happens to be the fittest man on the planet.

It is a great stopping place if you are in middle of town and have 15 minutes to kill.


2. Diverse Clientele

When I’m out and about, I’m constantly surveying my surroundings. As I was leaving Poets last week, I scoped out the main sitting area and saw:

  • A group of college students studying.
  • Two soccer moms drinking coffee in their workout clothes.
  • An elderly lady knitting.
  • An elementary school kid doing homework with his mom.
  • Four people dressed in business attire meeting at a table:
    • o The Commissioner of the Department of Commerce and Insurance for the state of Tennessee.
    • o Two state representatives.
    • o One senator.

I stopped and was amazed at the diversity in age, hobby and occupation in our own local coffee shop.

3. A Great Lunch

About six months ago Jeremy purchased a small display fridge that sits to the left of the register. They have stocked it with homemade salads, wraps, cakes and pies, and they can make hot Panini sandwiches for you as well.

This is an amazing addition to their lineup, but not many people know about it. With its selection of homemade and healthy food, Poets is a great spot for your next lunch meeting.

Poets lunch

4. A Great Place for… Just About Anything

If you walk into Poets at any time of the day or night, you will find professionals working on their laptop, college student studying, a group of moms planning out the next big event at their kids’ school or a Bible study in the back room.

There are a number of things you can do at Poets. If your group is large and you need some private space, you can rent out or reserve a back room that seats 24 (but you can fit more if you really need to.)

Poets C_logos-03

Why do I write this?

    1. 1. I love this place. Since I am self-employed, I work here at least one day a week—and I get so much done when I do.
    2. 2. I love locally owned places where the owner works his butt off to create an amazing atmosphere for his customers.
    3. 3. I want to tell people about the gem of a place that is sitting right in the middle of town that many people may not know about.

If you want more info on Poets, or would like to get in touch with them, visit their website or Facebook page.

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